a filmmaking phenom with a love for visual art sparked from his first action with a Super 8

Manuel is a trilingual, instrumentally inclined, phenom of a filmmaker. He grew up in Germany learning to shoot with his father’s Super 8 and found his love for visual art, but also spent nearly a decade trying his hand at Contrabass in jazz school. His higher education in production, post-production, computer graphics, and VFX set the stage for Manuel to become wildly successful in the film and advertising industries. Right out of the gates of academia, he began packing his portfolio with award-winning work. He’s been praised and rewarded at a slew of Director’s showcases and various types of award shows as well as film and advertising festivals all across the globe. From 360° experiences and experiential installations to the highest-caliber TVC and music video productions, Manuel is the man with the plan.

Charles Vögele Moments

Samsung Show of Hands

AOK Health

Kaufland Big Cleaning